Hallmark Year: Jan. & Feb. ’18

I can’t remember another year that I was more envisioned, excited and inspired to enter into. Processing 2017 really well was a big cause of this I think, but also I really am so thankful to God that He has given me new opportunities to dream with Him about in this season and step into with faith that made me excited to enter into a New Year and see these opportunities blossom into life even more.

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Alana mattress surfing!

 Antioch Youth Ministry – Winter Retreat – In January, my church held a winter retreat for the youth ministry I serve in. It was exhausting, fun and sweet to spend a weekend with my junior high girls in a cabin in LITERALLY freezing cold weather playing random games (like this hilarious mattress relay game in the picture) and spend time in worship, prayer and learning about God together. I would say was the hardest part for me was physical, as I was getting over flu-like symptoms from the previous week and the cold weather made my sinuses / allergies / asthma a lot worse to where I was just really tired a lot of the time. It took a lot of persevering and pressing into Jesus and practicing joy, to be honest. The Saturday night sermon was the peak of the retreat, and by that time of the evening, I was very tired and worn out. There was a call for ministry time to grieve disappointments or losses while our youth pastor shared that his favorite uncle had just passed away the day before, so it was very emotional for everyone. The leaders were invited to pray for students holding their hands up requesting prayer for this area. Since my girls were all OK, my attention was caught by a high school girl on the front row across the aisle. As I approached her, she was weeping, and I was at a loss for words of what to even say or do for her. What do I have to offer this girl, I thought to myself. I placed my hand on her shoulder, and internally began asking God for any insight or words He could give me to comfort this girl. (I actually had NO idea what to do.) The Holy Spirit started giving me different things to pray over her, and so I prayed them and then she opened up about her mother’s miscarriage and how she was grieving the loss of a would-be baby brother. Ah – cue the heart break! I continued to pray over her what the Holy Spirit was impressing on me and gave some space for her to ask God what He was saying to her also. After I stayed with her for awhile and gave her a hug, I went back to my chair, honestly doubting if that even helped the situation at all because she was still in tears as I left, and as said before, I was so exhausted and “out of it” that I didn’t feel it was one of my “best” prayers I’d prayed. Then later that week something truly amazing happened. On Fridays my church hosts “Encounter Worship Nights”, an extended time of worship and ministry, and although I didn’t feel like going that night I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to go, and He gave me a picture that there would be a young girl there that I would connect with. In my mind, I was thinking it was someone He wanted me to pray for. I was wrong! During the first few songs, a young girl approached me from across the room and tapped me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and she asked if I remembered her, and that she was the girl I prayed over at youth retreat last weekend. I exclaimed YES! Of course I do! She then proceeded to say that ever since she received the prayer the Lord gave me to pray over her, everything was different – She said she even signed up to go to Asia for a mission trip this summer! She said she felt led by God to share it with me and thanked me for obeying the Lord to pray over her. I was shocked and overwhelmed – how KIND of the Lord to allow me to be there at that place and receive that encouragement that even though the prayer didn’t “feel” powerful to me, it was incredibly powerful for her and her life. It was such an incredible reminder that even though I am tired, God is STILL God – His power doesn’t diminish as my energy level is diminished. He can still move in POWER even when we are weak and weary. It was so, so COOL to have this sweet revelation once again.

What’s brought me joy – Two unexpected things have brought me SO much joy this season. One is leading the young adult life group I was asked to lead the end of last year – my saying “yes” in the midst of feeling scared/overwhelmed came with a promise from God that I would experience breakthrough from fear of man and I have definitely seen this to be true, not just in leading in ministry, but also in other areas of my life, such as leading out in the workplace and being able to see it as more of a ministry opportunity as well. Margie also has enjoyed life group, and made to decision to stay in her home rather than move to a retirement assisted living home because the Lord asked her “would you like the last years of your life to be fruitful or comfortable?” and she chose the first, with the idea that young people were easier to influence than older people – LOL – so she has decided to stay put in her home so we can continue hosting life group here and she can keep pouring into my generation. Praise God for living with a woman who sets the example of choosing a fruitful life over a comfortable one – let it be true of us also, Lord! The second thing that’s brought me joy is babysitting my sweet friend Zelyna’s adorable baby boy, Judah, each week. Here is a collage of pictures of him for your enjoyment. 🙂


Turning 26 – On the morning of my 26th birthday, I woke up and started spending time with Jesus. I very sleepily asked Him, Lord, what do you have for me this birthday morning? And the Holy Spirit instantly whispered to me, “read Psalm 18“. And so I obediently pulled out my Bible app to begin reading it (I only had a New Testament Bible packed with me), looking for anything that the Holy Spirit wanted to highlight to me. Then I came across verse 19 and immediately got excited – I was still half-asleep and completely forgot that Psalm 18:19 was an incredibly meaningful verse to me, especially throughout my college years (so much so that I *almost* got it tattooed on my foot – ha!). Here is what the verse says:

“He brought me out into a spacious place; He rescued me because He delighted in me.” – Psalm 18:19

As I was in the middle of thinking, ‘Ah God, I see what you’re doing here!’ my phone vibrated that I received an email, and I got a little distracted and went to check out my inbox (the downfalls of using your phone for time with God -ha!) Then an email immediately caught my eye that was entitled “A wide open, spacious life” from Propel Women Ministries. Spacious…. the same word that is in Psalm 18:19. Hmm. I clicked to open. What I read next stunned me and resonated so much that I knew this was the exact message The Lord wanted to communicate to me for my 26th year of life:

The life God is calling you to isn’t mediocre – it is meant to be extraordinary. There’s nothing  average about it. 2 Corinthians 6:11 tells us: “Dear, dear Corinthians, I can’t tell you how much I long for you to enter into this wide, spacious life. We didn’t fence you in. The smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives aren’t small but you are living them in a small way. I’m speaking as plainly as I can, and with affection. Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively.” Our life on earth is not meant to be boring until we die and go to heaven. Our job is to bring heaven to earth. As Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” This is an active, participatory adventure you’ve been invited to join. If your days feel unremarkable or if your faith has become a stale religious obligation, you may have to fight beyond what you feel. Stir up the gift of faith – there isn’t a step by step behavior modification plan to follow – it’s heart transformation, driven by the Holy Spirit! When the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts, our smallness and self-imposed limitations are renewed by God’s possibilities. Where we see lack, God sees opportunity. Where we see failure, God sees potential. Where we see containment, God sees refinement. Where we see weakness, God sees strength. Where we see death, God sees life. Where we see what has been, God sees what will be. So step into this wide open, spacious life and the adventure of life following Jesus!

The same is true for you, friend! Step into this adventure with me. 🙂

And last but not least, I will answer the question, Where did the phrase “hallmark year” come from? Well let me tell you! The evening of my birthday, I was watching a new episode of my favorite Hallmark show When Calls The Heart, and live tweeting with other show fans or #Hearties (I know, I know, obsessed!) and tweeted my favorite actress Erin Krakow that the perfect way to spend my birthday was watching the new episode and eating homemade chocolate chip cookies…and..she tweeted me Happy Birthday back! I mean..can’t get any better than that, right?! So my friend exclaimed, Kellie, this is your hallmark year! And I said YES! Love it – And now it’s the title my blog series this year. 😀

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Golden Year: Nov. & Dec.

The end of 2017 was so sweet –  I absolutely loved this year of my life, it was honestly sad for it to end! Here are a few highlights from the remainder of the year:

Antioch Women’s Conference: Lisa Bevere spoke at our church’s annual women’s conference and it was FIRE. The messages couldn’t have been more timely for what I was experiencing, as here is what happened the weeks leading up to the event:

My young adult lifegroup leaders were stepping down due to one couple moving states and the other having a baby, and I was one of the members asked to step up to lead the group. The original offer was to lead with about 4-5 other leaders and rotate on a weekly basis to share the load and be set up for multiplying soon after. When I took the invitation to the Lord, I felt a strong sense I was to say yes, even amidst my anxiety of speaking in peer groups and having an insecurity of leading peers in a spiritual setting. I found out after I accepted the invite that I was the only woman to agree to lead, in addition to another guy in our group – so it was just the two of us instead of a team of 6. Cue the fear and anxiety meltdown, which led to Margie praying over me and saying the Lord really wanted me to do this but the enemy really did not, so he was trying to stop me with fear. The Lord promised me that by saying yes and stepping out in faith that it would bring breakthrough from the fear of man.

A few encouraging messages from the conference that really spoke to me during this time:

  • God loves you to face what you fear so you can see God as invincible.
  • It’s OK to find yourself on platforms and feel completely unqualified. God LOVES that!

Here is what the Holy Spirit highlighted as my takeaway from the conference:

Kellie, as I’ve been telling you, I want to show you My power in you. I want to show you that you have no limitations with Me. Do not look to the right or to the left but into My eyes that are steadily on you, watching your every move. I am here to encourage you and to guide you. Walk hand in hand with Me, and watch Me do a work in your generation.

Here is what was also prophesied over the weekend:

  • God was rising up places of influence and favor for women and during the conference was lifting off any restrictions that would prevent this from happening
  • During the conference, the Holy Spirit would free women from self-limitations and being driven by expectations.
  • Psalm 27:4-6 Dwell in the sanctuary of His presence to get perspective and power.

I was truly encouraged and empowered from this conference, and it was an incredible honor to meet Lisa Bevere in person, as she is someone I have followed via social media and read parts of her books that made me admire her as a true spiritual mother in the kingdom.


Thanksgiving Dinner was hosted at Uncle Dale’s house – so fun to spend it with Rachel, Ashley and Grandma! It was also emotionally hard because it was the first holiday Grandma was not living at Uncle Dale’s but instead at the nursing home she now lives at because of her dementia.


My coworker Brittany’s wedding – I love working with these ladies at the Dwyer Group!



Margie and I in our matching Hallmark Christmas sweaters! Watching Hallmark shows and movies is our favorite past time to do together.  She is my adopted Waco Grandma. 🙂

The Lord spoke to me that 2017 would be a “golden year”, AKA a year of favor, and I saw unmerited grace and favor in many areas of my life that came with an increase of influence at both work and in ministries. The interesting thing about the year though was that I didn’t immediately “see” this increase of favor when the Lord spoke it over me, and I even went through a series of disappointments during the summer which tempted me with doubt and bitterness towards the Lord about the circumstances not lining up with what He promised – BUT – as I have been told and as I have learned, God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes and sometimes we have to stand on the promise He gives us and pray into that promise with FAITH that God will be faithful to make it happen. I experienced so muck breakthrough during the fall and winter and was able to reap from prayers I had sown, which is an experience unlike any other, to witness the divine sovereignty of God in your life and see prayers answered.

In summary, in 2017 I….

  • 👵🏼lived with + learned from a 79 year old lady
  • ✈️traveled to Dominican Republic, San Diego, Las Vegas, Pensacola, Seattle & Orlando
  • 🏰went to @waltdisneyworld
  • 👩🏼‍💼spoke at a conference to ~120 business owners
  • 📚read amazing books
  • 📈accomplished goals
  • 🙏🏽witnessed answered prayers
  • 👯met new friends + spent time with old ones
  • 💒watched friends get married: David and Zelyna; Ryan and Breann; Brittany
  • 💰paid off my first student loan
  • 🎉celebrated my grandma’s 80th birthday
  • 👶🏻babysat @benglen79 @zelynacute babies
  • 👱🏼‍♀️served in @antiochwacoyouth
  • ⭐️met @lisabevere+ was (almost) on the next season of @greysabc (lol)
  • ✅said yes to scary things God called me to
  • 🤗committed to living openly + vulnerably
  • 🙂☹️😂😭had good days, bad days, happy days, sad days

Thanks for being part of my year, and praise, honor and glory be to God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for His faithfulness, His goodness, His love and His friendship!

Golden Year: Sept. & Oct.

When I look back at the fall, it is marked by the faithfulness of God in so many ways. So many prayers were answered and promises were fulfilled during this sweet time. I spent the majority of my summer praying for breakthrough at work, and a new digital marketing manager position came up in September that my management team encouraged me to apply for and I started transitioning into it the beginning of October.

During September, we also had our big annual work conference which was in Orlando this year! I can’t believe it was my fourth one. This year was a big deal because I had a main stage presentation, which I never had before, and it required speaking to over 100 business owners. Honestly, something I never thought I would do, but the Lord has really been using different public speaking assignments at work to continue to break off my fear of man and anxiety of speaking in front of people. Another huge plus, I got to go to Disney World on my afternoon off with my Canadian coworker Holly! 🙂

October I got to meet my friends David and Zelyna’s new sweet baby boy at the hospital the day he was born! Judah has been such a fun little blessing to go over to their house and watch him grow!


Meeting Judah David Koskela for the first time!

We had a fun Halloween costume contest at work and I dressed up last minute as a scarecrow with a little help from Brittany. Here are some of us all together.

A few things that have been rocking me..

Desiring God’s article Joyless Christianity is Dangerous. It made me realize I was getting too caught up with the day-to-day and not necessarily taking time to thankfully reflect on the blessings and provisions of the Lord and his goodness and faithfulness. A lack of joy in the Lord causes me to look to the world for release rather than to Jesus.

Mary and Martha. (Luke 10:38-32). The Lord has used this story countless times to teach me the power of being a daughter of God and the importance of intimacy with the Father first, rather than being concerned about the duties that need to be done. By His grace, He brought me back to this story once again. Last year, I remember praying all fall that I would be a Mary woman rather than a Martha woman, and last November I was prophesied by a lady at church that I was a Mary woman who sat at the feet of Jesus; literally the exact thing I had been praying for the Lord to help me become, God spoke over me as my identity. It was beautiful and so sweet of Him to speak it over me through her, showing that He had been listening to my prayers to Him and affirming my identity was one who sat at His feet and desired intimacy with Him, empowering me to act out of my identity rather than strive to be that person. He reminded me of this once again this fall during a Sunday sermon, when the pastor said, “Our calling is first and foremost as sons and daughters first, and warriors second.” See, in the midst of participating in various ministries, I had gotten those switched and was warrior-focused first, so it was the sweetest reminder to center back to the importance of my calling as a daughter first, drawing power from intimacy with my Heavenly Father. The Lord whispered to me, “Kellie, I want you to call me Daddy again.” Ah. Wrecked me.

I hear Him saying to us as His Bride: I relieve you of your housewife duties, come and take your place next to me as My Beloved.”

The Mirror Study Bible. This translation of the Bible is literally wrecking me. Margie and I have been studying Hebrews together and it has brought so much revelation of our true identity and what exactly the consequences of the gospel are.

“It is in Christ that God finds an accurate and complete expression of himself; in a human body! Jesus mirrors our completeness and is the ultimate authority of our true identity.” Colossians 2:9-10




Golden Year: July & August

The end of summer was quite eventful! In a nutshell, I went someplace new, celebrated a special someone’s birthday and another sweet friend’s bachelorette and wedding and even made an appearance on TV again. 😉 Ha! Kind of… and lastly, helplessly watched my whole hometown go underwater due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey. 😦

For work, I went on a site visit to shadow our most successful US franchise owner in Seattle. It was really educational from a business standpoint and fun to see the Pacific Northwest side of the country for the first time. The weather was amazing (so jealous!) and seafood was scrumptious! Regretfully I didn’t have as much free time to explore as I wished, but saw downtown as we drove around before / after dinner at Anthony’s Restaurant (I was at the mercy of my driver, otherwise I’d have stopped and strolled awhile for sure). A fun surprise happened while we were eating dinner pier-side, and right before our eyes there all of a sudden appeared men setting up lights, cameras and the whole nine yards. When we asked our waiter about it, he casually said, “Oh yes, they are filming the next season of Grey’s Anatomy! They just finished filming upstairs a few hours ago and are now setting up to do some shots on the pier.” We were stunned! If only we were sitting outside, I might have been an unintentional “extra” in the show! Haha. Seattle was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back someday to hike Mount Rainier.

My unofficial “TV appearance” happened when I got to record our church’s morning announcements! They were spotlighting different volunteers, and my friend on staff unknowingly volunteered me for it. Ha! It was fun, but I definitely do not envy my friend Julie who is an actual TV news reporter – I much prefer behind the scenes! 😉

My grandma Elaine Marjorie Pearson turned the big 8-0 in July and as I was praying leading up to her birthday, I felt the Lord strongly impress upon my heart to plan a dinner celebration with my cousins for her since we do not get to spend time together anymore. I felt the Lord say the gift of togetherness would be both healing and encouraging – she is suffering the stages of dementia as well as a few other health problems. It was honestly one of the sweetest and most holy moments as we sat around the dinner table and each of us went around sharing our favorite memories with her. We could tell she felt so loved and celebrated and delighted by our company all together. She asked me to “say grace” since it was a “special occasion” – I had already planned to say a prayer over her, but for her to initiate showed that the Lord was working and present! 🙂


Cheers for 80 years!!!

In early August, I helped lead our summer youth camp and was assigned a cabin of girls alongside my trusty co-leader Kelsey. This camp was my first to help lead, and the whole time I was there, I had so many sweet flashbacks of all the Lord did in my little heart through summer camps growing up. It was the coolest thing to be there for so many of the girls’ firsts: first time to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, to hear the still small voice of the Lord, to receive a gift of the Spirit and some even saying “yes!” to a radical life of following Jesus for the first time. I honestly can’t recall another time when I experienced the power of God in such a big way. It was truly powerful and empowering to be apart of and I am so, so thankful the Lord called me to be apart of this ministry.

The day camp ended, I rushed over to attend my sweet friend and d-group leader Zelyna’s baby shower! I was still in my camp clothes, mind you, but wasn’t going to miss it for the world! I am so thankful to be apart of her and David’s lives!


Zelyna’s baby shower with my sweet d school group girls! (PS this house was on Fixer Upper!)

At the end of August, I went home for my friend Breann’s wedding. It was a beautiful event for her and her sweet new husband and also bittersweet, since it was also a sendoff to them for their new adventure of moving to Vancouver the very next day for Ryan’s new job.

That same weekend there was a hurricane predicted – no one thought it would be so bad, but Harvey ramped up to a category four and hit the eve of their wedding and roared in all night long. It didn’t stop them from becoming married; however the next day and several days to  come I watched on the news as the entire city of Houston went underwater, with the worst hurricane recorded in Texas history. Many were trapped in due to flooded roads. The road to my Mimi and Pawpaw’s house was waist-high deep and caused my family many anxiety-ridden nights of helplessly praying the Lord to protect them and their house from flooding since there was no way to reach their neighborhood. My family were all safe thank God, with only a few friends I knew of that had flooded houses. My cousins and family friends with boats teamed up with the Coast Guard to help with water rescues. People from all over the country came to Houston’s aid in such a beautiful way. I will never forget this horrific incident and all the light that shined through in the midst of such darkness. News outlets reported aid from churches far outnumbered aid from the government – the people of God stepped up in a big way to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and numerous God-stories were aired on TV.

I also finished up reading the incredibly encouraging book, Angels on Assignment, by Charles Hunter as told by Roland Buck, a pastor who had a series of angel encounters who lived in a small town in Idaho. From the book you can either conclude that the man was crazy or actually encountered angels, and since I greatly experienced the presence of God as I was reading it, I resolved to believe the latter. He gives his account of his experience and revelation received from the angels and then gives a Biblical study of angels at the end. We can wake up each day with the powerful truth of “This is a day of renewed spiritual activity! Strange things are happening! People are being awakened! Enemies of God are leaving the enemy camp and are moving over to God’s side. New voices are being heard proclaiming the Good News. What we are seeing is evidence that an army from heaven is on the move!”

The below excerpt was one that really spoke to me as I hope it does you!

To the degree that you will humble yourself and minister under the Lord’s direction, you will be just who God wants you to be. God has given you alternatives and allowed you to make choices. You can choose to be close to Him and be used by Him or you can go your own way, do your own thing and live a selfish life. What you do here and the choices you make here will all be reflected in your relationship with God when you get to heaven. You will realize that there are not just crowns put on your head, but there will be rewards in relationship and ministry being given to you also. If you are faithful here, God will give you an increased ministry there.

~ Angels on Assignment

Golden Year: May & June



{Baylor Besties Reunited!} It just so happened that all three of us were in the same state the same weekend and we got to see each other for a few short hours! So sweet and so needed!

May was full of fun, fun memories! I am so thankful for the opportunity to see two of my college besties (we all live in different cities/states!) and catch up with them for a few hours in Sugarland. They are still some of my closest friends and I treasure them dearly!

We also went on a long overdue family vacation to the beach! It was a week long full of family time, beach time and book time! We went parasailing for the first time, too!

I was so thankful to be able to finish reading a book that had repeatedly been recommended to me, Hinds’ Feet in High Places by Hannah Hurnard, which is an allegory of the Christian walk depicting the different spiritual season we go through.

unnamedWithout spoiling too much, the main character, Much-Afraid, sets out on a journey to the High Places to be with the Shepherd and is given two companions to act as guides for her journey, Suffering and Sorrow. As she is traveling through different places, like the Shores of Loneliness, a Detour through the Desert, in the Valley of Loss, and In the Mist, she undergoes a transformation to become “Grace and Glory”, and her companions Sorrow and Suffering become Peace and Joy.

I am a literary nerd, so I absolutely LOVED all the metaphors and allegories Hannah used from nature to depict the Christian walk. It also hit closely to my heart because the Holy Spirit often speaks sweet truths to me through nature as well.

Through the Brumbach Waterfalls, she notices the water pouring itself down in an extraordinary ecstasy of self-abandoned giving speaks of Love’s eternal, ecstatic joy in ceaseless, blissful giving. She identifies three characteristics of true love from the waterfalls:

  1. Humility – the pouring of oneself down lower and lower in self-effacement and self-denial. The message of running water is always “Go lower. Find the lowest place. That is the only way to true fulfillment.”
  2. Giving – the poured-out life gives life and power to others. The more love gives, the more it fulfills itself. “For it is Love’s prerogative to GIVE and GIVE and GIVE.”
  3. Service – the water means a supply of irrigation, electricity, and light for many, many homes, gardens and orchards. To be utterly abandoned to the goal of giving oneself to others, and going down lower, is the joy and ecstasy of love.

I absolutely loved this message of Christ-like Love, and I identified with many of the seasons Much-Afraid went through (let alone her name Much-Afraid herself!) One of them I had been feeling pretty heavily was walking along the Shores of Loneliness. I found myself going through a weird season of experiencing heavy emotions of loneliness and sadness, even if I had just been with people earlier that day. The weight of singleness weighed heavy on my heart in these months, as I had to fill out yet another invitation writing a “0” in the number of guests I was bringing. During this time, I decided to read another book, God’s Call to Single Adults which was highly encouraging. One passage that stood out was that I could say that my singleness was a choice I am making as a sacrifice unto the Lord to pursue holiness and righteousness and stay surrendered to His will.

“Disappointments accepted with praise always seem to turn into extra-radiant blessings!”

This was another quote from Hannah Hurnard that became very real to me as well. I experienced two forms of rejection during the month of June, and although they were each very bitter to swallow, I found the Lord’s presence to be so, so sweet. The Holy Spirit gave me a couple different visions I will share here with you.

One He gave me was a picture of me inside a room with many closed doors, and He said you can worship me in the waiting room! Jesus was in the room with me – I was not alone in the waiting! He said I could rejoice in His kindness and protection over me to prevent me from walking through a door I was not destined to walk through.

The other picture He gave me was a revelation of Christ’s love for His Church and the symbolism of the veil in the temple separating the priests from the presence of God being torn after Jesus’ resurrection and the veil a groom lifts off his bride at their wedding. Both situations involve removing what separates from the one they love, so they can beam with with joy and pride at the glory and beauty of the one who they will now get to enjoy intimacy with in everlasting covenant. As Paul said in Ephesians 5:32, “Oh, what a mystery it is, the love that Christ has for His Church!” And Romans 8:38 reminds us that “nothing separates us from the love of God.”

This was exactly the encouragement I needed to feel loved and affirmed from the rejection I had felt. The Holy Spirit showed me a picture of how he loved me, saying “There is altogether no flaw in you my dear, you are lovely! You are wonderfully made!”

Maybe some of you need to be reminded of this today, too. In the midst of your rejection from an opportunity or another person, know that the Lord is nearby, affirming each and every unique way He made you as beautiful, that He beams with joy and pride when he looks at you, and He is protecting you from doors you’re not destined to walk through!

And He works all things for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28

We are so, so loved! 🙂


Golden Year: March and April

What a blessed spring it was. I am enjoying looking back on it all, and am excited to share some things that the Lord has done. 🙂

In March, my church hosted a week-long series Nights of Revival with extended times of worship and powerful guest speakers each night to ignite our faith. The second night, Joe Ewen the pastor of our Scotland church plant spoke (the country I feel called to!), and you will never guess what he said. As a very prophetically gifted man, he said the Lord told him this year was a golden year for the Church – meaning a year of great favor and seeing the glory of the Lord displayed! Can you believe it – that the Lord literally told me this year was a golden year for me the beginning of the year as well?! And I went so far as to name this blog series my “Golden Year”?! I was both stunned and stirred to faith and excitement for what the Lord has in store for this year!

I received several encouraging words from the Lord through various people that prayed over me, and I also received encouraging words from the Lord to give to others that came at the perfect time for them!

One night, the Lord specifically highlighted two college girls to me whom I had never met before and I just felt the tug in my heart from the Holy Spirit to go pray for them, not really knowing what I was walking into. The first girl I offered prayer for was so thankful, as she was experiencing a lot of comparison and feeling overwhelmed that night. The Lord gave me the sweetest word for her that she was not overlooked and told me to share the picture He gave me during a time I was struggling with comparison – “It is with the same blood I died for that person as I died for you. There is no difference in my love for you” (click here for the story).

The second girl was going through some heartache from losing a friend to a car accident recently as well as some boyfriend struggles. The Lord spoke such sweet things over her and told me to pray over her the picture I had received months before regarding broken places in my heart being sewn together and out of those places being able to minister to others. That prophetic word came to pass for me being able to minister out of that place of hurt and pain, and I prayed the same would be true for her! Something that really stuck out to me from Joe’s sermon was that every time you are prayed over for something, there is someone out there who needs the very same thing you were just prayed for.

Another great story was from the third night, the Lord highlighted another college girl to me. I asked the Lord what He had to encourage her, and the only thing I got was I saw a picture of a sunflower. I went over to meet her and told her about the picture God gave me for her, and she immediately lit up and said, “yes! God always encourages me with sunflowers! Thank you so much!” Sometimes words we get from God for others won’t make sense to us because God has things He gives us that are just between us and Him, so that when someone else comes along and shares it, it’s just His way of saying I see you, I care, I love you! through someone else (even if we are clueless as to what He is trying to say!) So my lesson I learned in this, is to just go with what the Spirit is saying, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, it will make sense to the other person!

And now, for the prophetic words that were given to me…

  • Your willingness to consecrate yourself and remain pure will bring people into the love of God.” This word ministered to the depths of my heart like a healing balm and was a HUGE encouragement and affirmation from the Lord.
  • “the Father will never run out of things to give, and I will never run out of things to give away!” The Lord has been using the concept of the banquet table to speak kingdom truths to me, and this was so sweet and such an encouraging confirmation to receive from a complete stranger who had no idea the Lord had been giving me that same picture so often the last few months. The word was, as I am sitting at the banquet table, I can receive from the Father, then go give it away to others, and again come back to the table to receive, and give it away.
  • The Lord also gave me a sweet encouragement through a woman speaking over me: You are more than enough, child. I am pleased with you. I am not harsh with you. She prayed against self-condemnation, self-harshness and self-hatred. The Lord was breaking through the voices of the enemy I’d been hearing constantly of inadequacy and about the Lord being a harsh judge rather than a loving Father. It was so needed! In addition to this, the encouragement to change my expectation from being disappointed to being amazed. Praise God for transforming me into an optimist for my future. (It is a journey.)
  • Another word from a girl named Tracey the Lord spoke through: I trust you with the hurting and the sick, along with a picture of the Holy Spirit tapping on the inside of my heart, declaring I would have a greater sensitivity to His spirit (exact answer to a prayer I had been praying to the Holy Spirit for the last couple months.)
  • The Lord also spoke to me through a few people an encouragement that even the faith as big as a mustard seed was enough for God to move, as well as the affirmation to not be afraid and a prayer of boldness to come over me.

Easter Week the month of April was so sweet. Palm Sunday was spent at The Gathering, a city-wide event with over 240 churches in Waco filling McLane Stadium and coming together to worship the King. Very powerful! I also for the first time went through a stations of the cross setup, which made the cross and death of Jesus so real to my heart.


#TheGatheringWaco: The name of Jesus was lifted high in Waco, Texas as over 140 churches of the city gathered together for a Palm Sunday Celebration, a beautiful symbolism of unity in the Church in the midst of a chaotic, divided world. When he initially purchased the land to build the new stadium, Drayton McLane prayed over the land and stadium to be used as a house of prayer, and it was amazing to see that come to life for the second time that night! God is alive, active and moving powerfully!


Magnolia hosted a Spring at the Silos event, that I attended with my dear friend Megan one Saturday morning. It was so fun to walk around and see all the vendors that traveled from around the country to Waco. There was a beautiful FLOWER Truck that was my favorite part. 🙂



Speaking of Magnolia… in April we had a “Women’s Night” at church and Joanna Gaines’ mom, Nan was the guest speaker. Before the service started, the Lord gave me several pictures during the worship time as I was sitting down. Something felt off with my heart, so I asked for the Holy Spirit’s counsel and He gave me a picture of me walking down a path of righteousness in all white garments, and along the way, demons on the side of the path began shouting lies at me. I stopped to listen to them and believed the lies they were shouting to me about my identity and received a black garment tied around my neck over my white garment, “a cloak of shame”, and continued on the path wearing it. As I received this picture, it immediately ministered to me, and I asked Jesus to help me take of this “cloak of shame” I allowed to be put on myself so I could walk in freedom unhindered by shame. Then, at the end of the night after Nan shared her (powerful!) testimony, she literally brought a white garment on stage and put it on herself, and started parading around on the stage shouting “Girls, walk with your chin up, shoulders back and declare I am a daughter of the King! And do not let anyone tell you any different!” Wow – I was stunned! The literal picture the Holy Spirit gave me before the sermon was now being acted out right in front of me. It was so powerful, and so encouraging to me! That night the Lord was re-centering my heart back to a place of a beloved daughter, dependent on the kindness and love of her Father.

I also wanted to provide an update for  the single mom that was in my Alpha group. She sent me a message that she got MARRIED in April which was such a HUGE breakthrough and answered prayer, as she had previous hurts and fears holding her back from her previous marriage. Wow – the Lord heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds!

I hope these stories are encouraging to you and stir your faith for the God of Hope who LOVES you!

Golden Year: Jan. & Feb.

2017… I’m calling it my Golden Year. 🙂 Partly because this year was my golden birthday, turning 25 on the 25th, and also because I am just so excited and expectant for the way God is going to move this year! Knowing His goodness gives me HOPE for my future. Also, I guess you could say I am a real fan of the color gold, especially the blush/gold color combo. 🙂 My journal during this season is even a sparkly gold! Haha.

New Year – I rang in the New Year with precious friends telling Dominicans about the love of God… Can’t get any better than that! 🙂 If you’d like to read about my time there and see pictures, click here.

My d-group leader was married a couple weeks into January, which was so sweet and fun to go to since I had gotten to know both her and her fiancé during our time in the discipleship school. It was a sweet time to celebrate all God had done in each of their lives and His perfect sovereignty over orchestrating their lives uniting together.



A New Home… Last fall when I was praying about what this next season would look like housing wise, God gave me a picture of me driving through a neighborhood. This excited me because I dreamed of living in a house with people from my church, kind of getting tired of apartment life. I had a friend connect me with her friend who I was going to be moving in with three other girls, but I found out it fell through the day I was on the way to leave the country for our mission trip. I was so frustrated and disappointed, because I was so certain I heard God correctly on living in a house and also because when I returned to the US I would not have much time to find somewhere before my lease ended. I remember praying (more like yelling) at God so upset and begging Him that I really needed Him to show up for me in a big way in this area of my life.

Meanwhile, a sweet widow on the advisory board of our church was asking the Lord that if He had a girl to live with her to send her to her. Her granddaughter had lived with her after her husband passed for a few years but then moved out so she was living alone over the past year. I knew of Margie because she is a very gifted Bible teacher and taught a class during discipleship school and also a session at our most recent women’s conference. Our mutual friend Ben (the father I babysit for often and her handyman who did various projects for her) connected us together, as he remembered Margie mention she was wanting a housemate and I had enlisted him and other friends to help me find a place to live.

At first, I was hesitant to live with Margie. I was absolutely floored and honored that she was offering, but in my own insecurity, I felt that I wasn’t worthy to live with someone like her. You see, I had a skewed view of my identity and skewed view of other people, seeing everyone on “levels” or in “circles”, so to say, and in my mind, I was not on the same level or in the same circle as Margie. I remember telling this to God as I was driving, and He gave me a picture that was so powerful and so meaningful that I immediately started crying because it touched my heart in such a deep, sweet way. It was a picture of Jesus, holding His hands out and showing me His scars and the blood on them, and He looked into my eyes with the most heart broken, most loving look in His, and with a pleading tone saying, Kellie, it is with the same blood I died for Margie that I died for you. There is no difference in my love for you. Ever since this moment, I have viewed myself and the world so, so differently, and the Lord is slowly and gently renewing my mind so that I can have His eyes to see how He views other people. It is the most tender, most sweet and most healing process!

It was been a true gift from God to be living with Margie. We have discipleship every Wednesday and we are currently studying Romans 6-8 and our identity in Christ. We both love sappy Hallmark shows and movies and love watching them together. Her house is the most peaceful refuge to come home to after crazy days at work. I’m so thankful to the Lord for orchestrating this in such a perfect way. In my journal, I have written down The Lord’s promise to me He gave me last fall that my next housing would be refreshing and rejuvenating for me, and it definitely is! 🙂 He is faithful to His promises!!!

As I was following His voice as best I could, He redirected my steps and divinely intervened to connect Margie and I together, hearing and answering both of our prayers. If you doubt that God hears you or you hear God – let this story be an encouragement to you!

Alpha Course Ministry – After discipleship school was over, I was simply ecstatic to begin doing ministry and sharing all I had learned with other people so they could share in my joy, too! I signed up to help with the Alpha Course – which is a 6 week program that meets once a week for a dinner and various talks over a basic questions about walking with Jesus. I was partnered with a sweet couple to host a table, which started out full and slowly dwindled down to one woman consistently showing up – but the fruit born from her was incredible!


A single mom with a broken family, she joined the course because she was hungry to know more about God and grow her relationship with Him. As weeks went on, she was more and more open and more and more vulnerable with us, and the dots started connecting for her as she discovered how amazing God is and realizing her identity in Him more and more. It was a truly indescribable experience to see her grow so much in this time! The absolute sweetest moment was the day we talked about how God is our Healer and that He heals today just as He did thousands of years ago in the Bible. That Friday before we met, she had begun to experience a shooting pain beginning in her neck that traveled down to her wrists and it lasted all weekend until even the Monday evening when we met. We asked if we could pray for her, and after we prayed she moved her neck and wrists and started crying and freaking out, shouting “the pain is gone!” What impacted her the most was realizing that she had a God who loved her and who heard her prayers, and cared so much about her that He used healing as one of His signs to show her that. Seriously awesome!

At the table… Something the Lord really taught me with this Alpha course as well as a sermon I attended at one of our church plants was the simplicity but incredible value of sharing a meal with someone. Jesus did it often and with unexpected guests – The title of the pastor’s sermon was literally “Jesus ate with sinners”. He even mentioned the Alpha ministry and how one church was trying to cut on budget so they cut the weekly meal out and just had the sermon, and it dropped the attendance rate in half. Having a meal with someone puts people in a comfortable and familiar setting and breaks down walls so you can really fellowship with them and hear their stories. The Lord also brought to mind the picture He kept giving me last fall of the banquet table, with Him sitting at the head and a place card with my name on it right next to Him, but instead I was crouched in a ball in the corner, too ashamed to sit next to Him. He built on this picture, showing me finally seated at the table with Him, and saying to me, Look, there are place cards with many names and empty seats, go and tell them to join us here!  I recall this picture often when I am doing minstry. Friends, we have the incredible honor and invitation to sit and fellowship with Jesus! You have a seat at the table with your name on it, and He will notice if you aren’t there! Jesus also built on this picture during World Mandate, the opening night when Francis Chan spoke. As we were all taking communion together, Jesus gave me a picture of me and Him seated at the table, and Him offering His glass of wine to me after he took a sip. I hesitated, saying, I am not worthy to drink the same cup as you, Jesus! And the Holy Spirit gave me the revelation that while you wouldn’t share a drink with a stranger, you would share a drink with family or close friends. And Jesus nodded and said, go ahead and drink! You are a part of my family. In the picture, I was also wearing a solid white dress, and I was still myself, but a different person. I was a new creation — that is how I was able to be sitting at the table!! To build on this, Margie also got revelation from 2 Samuel 9, when King David’a best friend Jonathon’s died, and he gave his last living relative his son Mephibosheth (who was lame in both feet) the land Jonathon owned and invite him to sit at the king’s table like one of the king’s sons. In verse 8, Mephibosheth (who was from a town called Lo-debar meaning Pastureless) bows down and says, Who am I, that you would notice a dead dog like me?! Oh how often can we identify with Mephibosheth in our interactions with God! It was his relation to Jonathon that got him the invitation to sit at the King’s table — Just like us being in Christ and being adopted into His family gives us the invitation to leave the desolate places and to sit at the King’s table as His sons and daughters!!!

Golden Birthday – I spent my golden birthday weekend in the mountainous and beachy land of San Diego with two of my very best friends! It was so fun, so refreshing and so joy-filled. I love being memorized by the Lord’s creativity beholding His beautiful creation.